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Combo Set - Little Hands on Rhythm + Random Rhythm Card Set

The Little Hands on Rhythm Combo Set includes the Random Rhythm card set! The numbered cards are another teaching tool to help students learn note and rest values. The card set can be used in a myriad of ways: To prompt students to say the names of notes and rests by matching the beat number on the card with its equivalent note and rest value. To review the beat number of the notes and rests by matching the card number with note or rest value. To build rhythms on the Rhythm Board. Use the card number to select a note or rest value and placing the note or rest on the rhythm board to build bars of rhythm in compliance with the Time Signature. ( Students can use their addition skills here, using multiple notes and rests to equal the value of the card) To explore Instruments of the Orchestra. The instrument cards can be used separately to teach students the sections and instruments of a modern orchestra. These are also wild cards for the Rhythm Games. 2-4 wild cards can be added to the numbered deck. The student assigns a value to the card accordingly. Contents and Quantities for Little Hands On Rhythm: RHYTHM BOARD (22cm x92cm/8.75cm x 36.25cm) with TIME TREE 120 MAGNETIC MANIPULATIVES: Time Signatures: Two 4/4, one 3/4, one 2/4 Basic Beats: Four for each time signature Beat Counters: Four for each of numbers 1,2,3,4 Note values: Four whole notes, sixteen quarter notes, eight half notes, sixteen barred eighth notes -NEW 4 dotted quarter notes, 4 single eighth notes Rests: Four whole/half rest, four quarter rest Bar Lines: Three bar lines, one double bar line Random Rhythm Card Set The card set presents new FUN and interactive ways for students and teachers to explore rhythm notation. With the Random Rhythm card set and the Little Hands On Rhythm primer kit, students can enjoy playing rhythm games that will enhance their rhythmic knowledge. There are Instruments of the Orchestra cards used as Wild cards which can also be used separately for 'listening games' where students can identify the instrument they hear on listening resources. And they can also identify which section of the orchestra the instrument belongs. Examples of card games and listening resources are listed on our website under 'Teacher Resources. Remember can also create your own card games. Random Rhythm card set includes:   32 numbered cards (1, 2, 3, 4) 20 instrument cards 3 instructional cards

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