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Music Teachers

Music Central Ltd.
#200, 20 Crystal Ridge Drive.
Okotoks Alberta, T1S 2C3


Owner / Piano - (Beginner to Advanced)

Carla Humphreys is the owner and operator of Music Central Ltd. She currently teaches piano and has her ARCT in Piano Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music. She has studied vocal performance at the University of Calgary.

Carla has been teaching piano since 1971. She loves to share her passion for music with students of all ages and levels. Carla is fully qualified to prepare students for examinations, festivals and other competitions and performances.


Voice - (Beginner to Advanced)

Music is not something I choose to do. It is something I have to do.” These are personal words of truth that represent how Owen Anderson lives his life. Introduced to classical piano at an early age, he then transitioned to guitar which he has been playing since he was 12 years old. Owen was thankful enough to study guitar under Ron Burke of the band Alittle Voodoo. Singing is also an important part of Owen’s life. He began singing in a choir at a young age and has vocally trained since he was 14 years of age. Owen performs around Alberta, playing country and western music and writing his own music. He currently resides just outside Okotoks. Owen’s music is heavily influenced by great country artists such as George Jones, Willie Nelson, and Colter Wall and looks forward to continuing his musical journey and growing as an artist. Owen is passionate about teaching music and looks forward to being part of the teaching team at Music Central.



Piano / Voice - (Beginner to Advanced) *VIRTUAL LESSONS ONLY*

Sheila believes that music is for everyone and is passionate about breaking down barriers to music education.  She accepts students of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, genders and special needs.  She has 15 years experience teaching piano, voice, theory and songwriting to individuals and small groups.  All styles and musical interests are welcome and nurtured. She completed her Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance at the University of Lethbridge in 2009 and plays piano at a grade 10 RCM level. She completed the RCM Online Teaching Course in 2022.  Sheila’s students have been successful at RCM exams, music festivals and recitals.  Some have gone on to study music in post secondary institutions.  Sheila enjoys watching her students learn and develop as individuals and as musicians.  


Violin / Piano – (Beginner to Advanced)

Cathy has been with Music Central for more than 20 years. She has over 30 years of teaching experience and we are very happy to welcome her back this year. Cathy has a degree from the Western Board of Music in Violin and Piano. She is fully qualified to prepare students for examinations and festivals or any other competitions and performances. Her knowledge and experience is very evident in the progress of her students. Welcome back Cathy!!


Violin / Flute - (Beginner to Level 3 RCM)

My name is Addison! I have been playing the violin since I was nine, and the flute since I was eleven. Music is a huge part of my life. Whether I am practicing a concerto or listening to my favorite pop and country tunes on repeat, music is always around me! I am part of Holy Trinity Academy’s Wind Ensemble, and last year I became a part of the Wild Rose Youth Strings program! I am very excited to be teaching, and to share my love of music with others!


Flute - (Beginner to )

Arieviella is a passionate musician—she has played the flute for seven years, and the piccolo for four years in her school's band. Music has been a part of Arieviella's day to day routine by listening to music, practicing her instruments and singing or dancing to jazz. Now graduated from High School, she hopes to share her love of music with aspiring musicians.


Piano - (Beginner to Level 5 RCM)

Savanna is delighted to return to Music Central's staff, bringing her passion for teaching piano. She started teaching piano in 2011 and, after some time away, is looking forward to sharing her love for music with students again. With experience as a former Music for Young Children teacher and having achieved level 9 piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music, Savanna is well-prepared to support her students. She enjoys preparing them for exams and festivals and, most importantly, sharing the joy of music in a fun and engaging way.


Piano- (Beginner to level 5 RCM)

Hannah has always been passionate about music, starting piano at 6 and cruising through the levels to complete her RCM 8 at only 15. She has also played violin, flute, trombone, and sings. Hannah loves going to the Calgary Philharmonic and has a great appreciation for classical music along with many other genres. After completing her RCM 8 and her advanced theory, she went straight to sharing her passion of piano and started teaching throughout high school. After taking a few years off she is very excited to be sharing that passion again.


Piano / Cello – (Beginner to Level 5)

Sarah has been playing music since the age of five. Recently, she successfully completed her RCM 8 piano exam and is currently working towards the completion of her RCM 8 cello exam. Sarah has been actively participating in several musical activities, including the Wild Rose Youth Strings program and Highwood Lions Music Festival. Sarah finds joy and satisfaction when sharing her passion for music with others and loves inspiring others to pursue their musical interests.


Piano - (Beginner to Level 5 RCM)

Joanna displayed her interest in music at a very young age.  She began piano lessons and has never looked back.  She feels passionate about the unifying effect music has on everyone as a universal language.  Joanna has been successful in local festivals and in RCM examinations.  She  is currently working at Level 9.  Her skills have allowed her the opportunity to accompany choirs, which is an art form in itself, and this has helped her grow even more as a pianist.  Music Central is happy to welcome Joanna to the teaching team. 


Piano - (Beginner to Level 4 RCM)

Katrina is very excited to be teaching at Music Central this year! She has had lots of musical experience, such as musical theatre, vocal ensembles, band, and many years of piano. She is a devoted teacher who is kind, patient and encourages learning and growth. 


Piano - (Beginner to Level 5)

Sloane has been playing the piano since she was 6 years old; she has completed her RCM 7 piano exam and is currently working on her RCM 8.  She is a member of 2 different rock bands, high school band, vocal ensemble, and has starred in numerous musical theatre productions.  Sloane’s passion for music is obvious as she plays over 6 instruments and is an accomplished singer. Sloane’s been teaching piano over the last year and has found it exciting to help others discover their love of music. She’s looking forward to starting the new year and new possibilities with her students.


Drums - (Beginner to Advanced)

Hello, I'm Dmytro Klimov, your dedicated drum teacher. With years of experience in both playing and teaching drums, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our lessons. From mastering basic techniques to exploring advanced rhythms, I'm equipped to help you reach your drumming goals. Let's dive into the world of percussion and unlock your full potential!


Guitar / Bass / Drums / Ukulele - (Beginner to Advanced)

Jean-pascal (JP) has completed 3 years of classical guitar in 1995 and received his Bachelor of Music degree in 1999 in Jazz Guitar performance at the Université du Québec a Trois-Riviéres. JP has over 25 years of teaching experience in Guitar, Bass guitar, Drums and Ukulele. When JP is not teaching he enjoys touring as a professional freelance musician. He has toured across Canada over the past 30 years and through the USA twice in the early 2000’s. JP is a very popular teacher at Music Central and we welcome him back to our teaching team this year.


Guitar - (Beginner to Intermediate)

Jesse picked up the guitar when he was 9 years old, influenced by rock and funk such as Jimi Hendrix, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, etc.  He was fortunate to learn from Rob Stokes and found a real passion for music under his tutelage. He has been playing guitar for 10 years and now participates in a rock band called Penny Royalty playing local shows in Okotoks, High River, and Calgary. He completed 3 years of high school general music and theory with an average of 98%. He writes and produces music at his small home studio constantly striving to learn and grow. Jesse is excited to join Music Central's teaching team and looks forward to inspiring others and helping them meet their goals.
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